What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Affordable Cabinet Refacing is a kitchen cabinet refacing company and therefore, does not offer Refinishing services in which existing doors and cabinet boxes are stained or re-coated in any way.

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What is Cabinet Refacing?

If you find yourself asking What is Cabinet Refacing? We can help explain what cabinet refacing is and the benefits of it. Affordable Cabinet Refacing is an expert at turning old, worn out-looking kitchens into a source of pride and pleasure for homeowners in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Cabinet Refacing means putting a new face on your cabinets. and since we are re-cycling the existing cabinets, this is the most economical way to upgrade and update your kitchen.

Refacing can be done without all the problems that come with a major remodeling job. In just a few working days you can have that kitchen of your dreams.

What’s Included in Cabinet Refacing?

We start by removing all of the old and tired looking doors, drawer fronts & drawer boxes. Then we work on the surface of your cabinets. We carefully inspect the wood to determine exactly what repairs are needed. After repairing any problems, we cover the exposed cabinet frames with a whole new layer of veneer that is the same color of the doors you have chosen for your kitchen design style. The sides and front frames of the cabinets are refaced.

The inside lip (side of the stile) where the hinges are attached to the cabinet is not refaced. This is on the inside of the cabinet and cannot be seen when the doors are closed. No company refaces this 3/4″ side of the stile because it would require a lot of tedious work and add a lot more money to the job. This is standard in the industry. Most people do not notice this, but it could be painted by the homeowner after we have finished the refacing of the cabinets.

This information has been added because we recently had a customer ask about it, so I just want to explain it as clear as I can. We have refaced around 2,500 kitchens and this has never been an issue because it is on the inside. Cabinet refacing is only for the outside of the cabinet. The top of the cabinets are not refaced because you cannot see them. The bottom of the cabinets can be refaced for an extra charge, but most people do not prefer it because they would rather put lighting under the cabinets and not lose the alcove under the cabinets where the lighting can be tucked into. If you have an island or peninsula, the back will be refaced since the back is visible.

Why Reface Instead of Replace?

The first reason is that it’s much more economical. The cost can be less than half that of new custom cabinets. You’ll also appreciate that such a project only takes a few days rather than weeks, so you get your kitchen back sooner. Additionally, it’s more environmentally friendly to update than install all new cabinets.

By the time we’ve finished our magic, your cabinets will look just as good (if not better) than new. Not only can they look better, but with the addition of a few inexpensive options they can be much more functional too. Things like roll out shelves and Trash Rollouts make it much more pleasant to work in the kitchen.

Working with Affordable Cabinet Refacing

We’re a locally owned, full-service kitchen cabinet refacing company. It’s our primary focus and not just a service offered by a general contractor or remodeler. We have years of experience refacing cabinets for homeowners in eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

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