Tuscan Look for Kitchen

Affordable Cabinet Refacing is a kitchen cabinet refacing company and therefore, does not offer Refinishing services in which existing doors and cabinet boxes are stained or re-coated in any way.

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Bleaching Cabinets to Give Them a Tuscan Look

One of the hot new looks is the Tuscan kitchen. The color and design of a Tuscan kitchen resembles all of Italy. It is characterized by ceramic and rough textured tile, stone counters, and wood furniture added to a cheerful and bright ambience. But to accomplish a Tuscan look, you do not necessarily need to renovate your entire kitchen. This look can be accomplished by bleaching your old kitchen cabinets.

All the commercial cabinet bleaches are made of peroxide or a combination of chlorine bleach and oxalic acid. Household bleaches sometimes have trouble penetrating the dark layers of cabinet wood. An alternative would be to buy high-powered calcium hypochlorite based bleach, which is most often used swimming pools. Commercial bleach is available from at most hardware stores, but for a professional, polished look you can’t go wrong hiring a cabinet refacing specialist.

Tuscan Cabinets – Bleaching Lets the Sunshine In

So how does the bleaching process work? You must first clean all the cabinets and the doors and then begin sponging the solution. It’s very important that the solution be applied in the right amount. Flooding the cabinet surface with solution might lead to patches on your cabinets. Once the solution has been applied, give the bleach adequate time to dry. After drying, you can apply the chosen finish and sand the wood.

The most important thing to remember, before you begin bleaching, is to test a small portion of your kitchen cabinet wood by applying a small amount of bleach to a hidden area. If you see no negative effects, then you can carry on with your process. To get the job done right – the first time, we recommend hiring a cabinet refacing professional who understands cabinet bleaching.

If time is a concern you can get the same effect by having your kitchen cabinets refaced. Contact Affordale Cabinet Refacing for a free estimate on cabinet refacing.