Transform A Kitchen Island With Cabinet Refacing

Affordable Cabinet Refacing is a kitchen cabinet refacing company and therefore, does not offer Refinishing services in which existing doors and cabinet boxes are stained or re-coated in any way.

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Transform a Kitchen Island with Cabinet Refacing

The kitchen island is often the central spot not just for cooking, but for entertaining, doing homework, or playing board games. Many homeowners have turned their island into a small kitchen within itself by adding a refrigerator and seating. If you love all that your island space offers in terms of functionality but are not fond of its appearance, cabinet refacing may be your answer!

The Styles of Cabinet Refacing

Make your kitchen island stand out by taking advantage of a simple cabinet refacing. By simply adding an elegant new maple facing or a cherry finish with an arched cabinet door you can easily rejuvenate the look of your island.

But don’t just stop add a new look! Enhance its functionality as well:

  • Accent the kitchen cabinet doors with new crown molding.
  • Install roll out drawers to store your pots and pans.
  • Enhance the look of the entire kitchen simply by adding new lighting above.

Give Kitchen Cabinets a Face Lift

While your kitchen cabinets may still be structurally sound, they may be outdated. If so, cabinet refacing is the best way to give them a new look. Cabinet refacing is also the perfection option if you are already happy with the layout and location of your kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen island is located in a convenient place, then cabinet refacing is the perfect solution to spice up the look of your island.

Refacing All the Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for a really dramatic change, you may want to consider refacing all of the kitchen cabinets. Even an entire kitchen remodel can typically be completed in only three to four days. When compared with the high cost of completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, the choice is a simple one: Cabinet refacing costs significantly less. Period.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles & Hardware

If you’re planning on doing cabinet refacing for the entire kitchen, you may want to consider trying a different style or type of wood for your island cabinets. This easy styling component gives an upscale look to your kitchen and will makes your island a true focal point of the kitchen design.

New kitchen cabinet hardware should never be overlooked when putt on the finishing touches. Be sure to look for hardware that will enhance the look of your newly refaced cabinets. Today’s kitchen cabinets have lots of hardware options available:

  • Whimsical styles like vegetables and fruit add a fun dimension to your design.
  • Pewter knobs can give your cabinets a refined look.
  • Satin nickel pulls give your contemporary kitchen cabinet a sleek element to your design.