The Low Down On Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Affordable Cabinet Refacing is a kitchen cabinet refacing company and therefore, does not offer Refinishing services in which existing doors and cabinet boxes are stained or re-coated in any way.

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The Low Down on Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When upgrading your cabinets it’s important to understand the finer details of how a kitchen cabinet door is constructed. Cabinet doors are available in a variety of designs, materials, and treatments. When ordering, be sure to remember the following points.

Do you often browse the online kitchen cabinet selections or peruse the aisles of your local home and garden center? Do you know what to look for when seeking quality cabinet doors?

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

* Recessed Panel doors have a “picture frame” design. Mortise and tenon or miter joints secure the flat panels and keep them centered.Common styles are: Shaker no bead, Shaker with bead, (beadboard) Arch top, Cathedral top & Square Recessed panel.

* Slab doors are made of solid stock lumber pieces joined with adhesive and cut to size. This type of door is available in MDF (medium Density fiber) as well and works with both plain and detailed edge profiles. Warning: Solid Wood slab doors are prone to warp fairly quick. In situations where flat or slab doors are to be installed it is recommended to use Rigid Thermal Foil doors with a Medium Density Fiber (MDF) core.

* Raised Panel kitchen cabinet doors come in wood or thermoil. They are so named because they have a raised center panel made from glued-together stock lumber or MDF.Common styles are: Square, Arch top, Cathedral top & Square Recessed panel. Cabinet Wood Types for kitchens are Maple, Oak, Cherry, Poplar and Birch.

Which type of wood you choose for your cabinets depends greatly on your lifestyle. Maple and oak are the sturdiest; poplar and pine are a tad more delicate. You should consider the amount of wear and tear in your kitchen when making your selection.