Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small kitchen remodeling often poses a challenge because of the restricted space. Many times small kitchens have a limited number of improvements available due to budget restrictions. Don’t let that discourage you, however. A few well-chosen enhancements can spruce up that small kitchen without making a huge dent in your bank account.

Remodeling Tips for Your Small Kitchen

Lighter colors which give the illusion of bigger spaces are the key to small kitchen remodeling. By using those lighter hues along with displaying only sleek kitchen utensils and small appliances, the perception of a bigger space is easy to put together.

* Small rooms appear to expand when lighter shades are used because they help to reflect light. Applying a lighter and brighter finish with kitchen cabinet refacing can make your small kitchen appear bigger. As an added bonus, refacing cabinets for a small kitchen is much more affordable than refacing cabinets for a larger kitchen.

* Updating your backsplash is a great way to add style to your small kitchen. If you’ are planning on refacing the kitchen cabinets as well, ask if the tiles for the backsplash can be installed for you.

* Choosing slim appliances can help maximize your counter space. Slim appliances housed in one small area can add a touch of design without usurping valuable working space.

* Well-placed accent pieces such as a new area rug, brightly colored vases, or small art pieces for the walls can also help to brighten the kitchen.

Another way to maximize space during your small kitchen remodeling project is to use a glossy finish for the cabinet doors and drawers. A glossy exterior also helps to make the room seem bigger by reflecting more light throughout the room. Cabinet refacing combinations of colors and finishes offer virtually limitless ways to enhance your kitchen.