Reface Those Worn Out Kitchen Cabinets

Affordable Cabinet Refacing is a kitchen cabinet refacing company and therefore, does not offer Refinishing services in which existing doors and cabinet boxes are stained or re-coated in any way.

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Reface Those Worn Out Kitchen Cabinets

If your home is ancient and your kitchen has never been remodeled, it’s probably due for an update. Renew your kitchen and enhance the look of your entire home simply by refacing your cabinets.

Is Cabinet Refacing Right for You?

Remodeling an older kitchen doesn’t have to take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, it is possible to do an entire kitchen remodel on a modest budget. The quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to remodel your kitchen is by refacing your cabinets.

How do you know if your kitchen cabinets are ready for a reface? You may be the perfect candidate for refacing if any of the following are true:

  • Your kitchen cabinet doors and/or drawers are worn and faded.
  • Your cabinets are in close proximity to your sink and major appliances.
  • All areas within your kitchen cabinets are accessible.

If your existing cabinets are structurally sound, a refacing professional can refresh the look of your cabinets in just a few days. Cabinet refacing is an ideal alternative to brand new cabinets because your cabinets are already level and operational. Being able to use your existing cabinets as a base allows you to save two-thirds of what you would spend on installing brand new kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Facelift

There are many ways to quickly give your kitchen a renewed look. Older faucets can be replaced with more modern ones. Cast iron sinks can be cleaned and refinished. Appliances can be reconditioned with new panels or repainted with a special grade of paint made specifically for appliances.

Updating your kitchen doesn’t just liven up the look of your living space; it also adds value to your home. Kitchen remodeling often has a huge influence on the selling price of a home and its marketability. Research shows kitchen remodeling can give the homeowner more than a 90% return on investment when selling a home.