Popular Cabinet Finishes for Kitchens And Bathrooms

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Popular Cabinet Finishes for Kitchens and Bathrooms

New technologies and techniques in cabinet finishes have given way to some novel designs. And homeowners are taking notice. If you’re looking for some finishes to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets stand out from the rest here are some options that you might consider:

Homeowners recently received some great news at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show as cabinet manufacturers moved antique and glazed cabinet finishes from custom to standard status. This means you’ll no longer have to pay inflated prices for the unique finishes that separate your cabinets from the hoi polloi. Cabinet finishes come in styles and colors that are as distinctive as your personality. This is your chance to affordably build extra character or elegance into your kitchen and bathroom.

When you go to your local home and garden center to pick out your cabinet finishes, you might be taken aback at the incredible selection. To avoid paralysis by analysis, keep these simple concepts in mind when selecting your cabinet finishes.

Cabinet Finishes

* Distressed Finishes Distressed cabinet finishes are achieved when the designer either sands or rubs the cabinet materials with rocks. Mimicking years of use, distressed cabinet finishes are primarily used in cottage, farmhouse, and rustic designs.

* Glazed Finishes Glazing finishes create an attractive patina. To achieve the look, glaze is sprayed over a base stain or paint and wiped off by hand.

* Antique Paint Finish Antique paint finishes feature basic colors mixed together to either darken or lighten the hue to match your room’s theme.

* Matte Finishes If you’re interested in taking the shine out of your kitchen cabinets, matte finishes will soften the natural wood tones. They are achieved with a variety of painting and staining techniques.

* Semi-gloss Finish On the flip side, a semi-gloss will give your cabinet finishes a luster and shine that is perfect for contemporary designs.

Cabinet finishes have become as affordable as they are beautiful. When selecting cabinet finishes always bring a picture of your kitchen or bathroom with you as a guide for designing the look you desire.