Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Affordable Cabinet Refacing is a kitchen cabinet refacing company and therefore, does not offer Refinishing services in which existing doors and cabinet boxes are stained or re-coated in any way.

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Sure, we all want to add a personal touch to our homes that shows our uniqueness. However, where kitchen remodeling is concerned, it’s sometimes advisable to simply follow the crowd. Uniqueness is a great attribute in some areas of life, but if you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll want to keep up with the latest kitchen remodeling trends such as granite countertops, kitchen cabinet refacing, and more.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinets are the one kitchen component you can’t hide. To make them look fabulous for a lot less than the cost of installing new kitchen cabinets, invest in kitchen cabinet refacing. The cabinet refacing process involves taking your existing cabinets and covering them with thin sheets of laminate and wood. On the surface, cabinet refacing transforms the look of older, worn cabinets into luxurious masterpieces covered in maple, oak, cherry, or other veneers. Only the homeowners know the entire cabinet is not exactly as it would appear to be on the surface.

Granite Countertops

Most people considering kitchen remodeling love the idea of kitchen cabinet refacing because it’s so cost effective, but are still willing to spend thousands on granite countertops. Even though granite is much more costly than other countertops, it is sturdy and durable and is often seen as a status symbol.

Kitchen Wine Coolers

If you often entertain people in your home, you may want to consider installing a wine cooler along with your cabinet refacing project. These kitchen wine coolers can store several wine bottles and ensure they stay at the perfect temperature.

If you’re looking to recoup the costs of your kitchen remodel, it’s a good idea to incorporate popular remodeling trends that add long-term value to your home. Don’t spend a great deal of money fad design trends that could quite possibly go out of style.