Kitchen Islands Make Food Preparation Easier

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Kitchen Islands Make Food Preparation Easier

Kitchen islands may be the least appreciated kitchen feature. Sure…most homeowners know about butcher blocks and other handy kitchen accessories. But many people rarely if ever think about this free-standing counter that often makes food preparation much easier. Kitchen islands are available in all sizes and shapes, and offer varying degrees of functionality. Islands can serve many purposes from inexpensive kitchen workspaces to expensive family heirlooms. Some islands serve as breakfast nooks, others as a gathering place or a prep center.

Unlike the smaller kitchen islands of yesteryear, today’s islands are much more durable and complex in terms of the functionality they offer. Of course, if you so desire, you can still buy a free-standing basic butcher’s block; but for about $1,000 can buy you an Italian cherry wood kitchen island complete with an array preparation accessories. So why not spring for a little more money to gain a whole lot of workspace, storage and functionality?

Islands and Blocks

It’s important to size up which type of island can actually fit in your kitchen. It’s also absolutely necessary to evaluate the features and cost. Some islands can be delivered and you can assemble them yourself. Others have to be professionally installed, especially if they include electrical features or a sink.

With the styles of islands available today, you won’t need to sacrifice looks for functionality. Many vendors sell kitchen islands constructed of beautiful, real wood offering a whole line of accessories such as cabinet drawers, cutting boards, spice racks, butcher block tops, and more.